Mushroom Love

19. Juni 2024 -

A comedy short film about a chef in search for the perfect mushroom.
Filmemacher/in: Amedeo Gonnella (Writer & Main Character), Manuel Molinari (Writer & Director), Pavlo Shturniev (DoP)
Dauer/Jahr: 04:16min / 2024

Martial Mindfulness

19. Juni 2024 -

Spec Ad that helps you improve your mental self defense.
Filmemacher/in: Manuel Molinari
Dauer/Jahr: 00:59min / 2024

FOG – Difficulty in seeing what is way too close

19. Juni 2024 -

The short movie “Difficulty in seeing what is way too close” surrounds the subject “fog” and its possible associations. The director explores fog not just as a visual phenomenon, but as an anthropological one.
Filmemacher/in: Lia Mizrahi-Goldfarb
Dauer/Jahr: 12:00min / 2023

Kinburn. Territory of the Free

19. Juni 2024 -
The Kinburn Peninsula located in the south of Ukraine, is one of the most picturesque protected areas of the Northern Black Sea. Here, surrounded by sand and water, nature has managed to protect itself from civilization.
Filmemacher/in: Yelyzaveta Buriak, Vladyslav Pustovit
Dauer/Jahr: 17:30min / 2022

Theodor – Summer Wind

19. Juni 2024 -

Musik Video für das Album Theodor
Song - Summer Wind
Gedreht in Italien
Filmemacher/in: Johann Oeding
Dauer/Jahr: 03:25min / 2023