Screening Januar 2012

Hidden Agenda

16. Januar 2012 -

Musicvideo about a giant pink bunny and a girl-gang by the band Trike.
Filmemacher/in: Xania Keane
Dauer/Jahr: 3min./2011


16. Januar 2012 -

A magician conjures up gifts for a girl he likes. This man expresses his desire through objects, which the girl ignores. Except the wand...
Filmemacher/in: Greg Ostrowski
Dauer/Jahr: 2:30min. / 2011

The world ends today

16. Januar 2012 -

In this Kino-Quickie 3 characters arrive at the same conclusion. They feel the world is ending and become a bit hectic about how to spend their last hours.
Filmemacher/in: Dave Lojek
Dauer/Jahr: 1:18min. / 2011

15 and a half

16. Januar 2012 -

Short documentary about two teenage friends
Filmemacher/in: Tali Yankelevich
Dauer/Jahr: 14min. / 2010
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Danaus Gilippus

16. Januar 2012 -

Nora is aken into a hospital after suffering hallucinations in which she believes she is the queen of the butterflies.
Filmemacher/in: Johanna Wagner
Dauer/Jahr: 10min. / 2010

James Masz – Strzybnik 1972 – MFTM 08-01

16. Januar 2012 -

For the Open Music Video Project MUSIC FROM THE MASSES Matthias Fritsch created this silent 6:40 minute clip and proposes it online to musicians, composers and sound designers in order to produce their individual soundlayer. There are no restrictions in athmospere, style and music genre. It is still possible to submit new versions. The video "Jellyfishes" was shot in autumn 2011 in Berlin and Hannover with a Lumix GF3 and different prime lenses.

The next seasons are in production and open for participation. Check for all submitted versions, new open calls and more information and projects!

Filmemacher/in: Matthias Fritsch
Dauer/Jahr: 6min. / 2012

A lucid dream

16. Januar 2012 -

Experimental stop-motion film about lucid dreaming
Filmemacher/in: Hulya Baytar
Dauer/Jahr: 3:30min. / 2009