IN_Final cut_Official_Version_Screening_LandscapeFilmfestival_31.07.2014 from Sandra Pfeil on Vimeo.

It's a short film done in 14 days by a wonderful international team. The story is about two people meeting again after years. They had a longtime relationship, for which they were fighting for a lot. Love was holding them to each other. There love was so strong, that they kept fighting for it. They were trying to fix broken paths. They didn't gave up. They didn't throw the other away. It wasn´t capitalistic, as most relationships are thees days. But they didn't managed to hold it and for the first time it´s okay. They let go. They forgive themselves in that very moment they meet at Leopoldplatz in Berlin Wedding and appreciate the time that was given to them
Filmemacher/in: Konstantina Levi
Dauer/Jahr: 10:00min. / 2014
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