Screening Dezember 2021

Berliner Boulette – Lula & Claudio

15. Dezember 2021 -

Aus der Serie Berliner Boulette. Ein Pärchen beim Wochenendeinkauf. Aber was darf man heute überhaupt noch konsumieren?
Filmemacher/in: Christian Troberg
Dauer/Jahr: 7:09min/2021
Webseite:–XIGYMhMFD23dA (YouTube-Channel)


15. Dezember 2021 -
Dieser Film entstand im Rahmen des Projekts "zuHause" von BarLin-Barbara Bernardi & Linda Paganelli 2021.
Filmemacher/in: Alexandra Vetter
Dauer/Jahr: 1:38min/2021

GHOSTED- or, The Cactus Effect

15. Dezember 2021 -

Plainly: the film is about a crush on someone and the result of inauthentic behaviour after being ghosted by them. To be confronted with rejection & thus be brought back to a painful ego-crashing soberness is relatable. To be shown one’s own clinginess can be entertaining from the outside, or in retrospective, and I wanted to explore the ugliness in this while allowing humour to uplift this insecurity & cringey behaviour.
Filmemacher/in: Rosa Landers & Robin Brink
Dauer/Jahr: 10:26min/2021

Junk Nation

15. Dezember 2021 -

While Rudi is looking forward to marry his girlfriend Susi, she betrays him with his best friend Tommy. But neither Rudi knows about the cheating nor Tommy knows, that Rudi is her new boyfriend.
Filmemacher/in: Emin Mikayilov
Dauer/Jahr: 19:19min/2021


15. Dezember 2021 -

witziges Musikvideo über Gewissensbisse wegen der "Beihilfe" zum Insektensterben
Filmemacher/in: Herbert Hut
Dauer/Jahr: 3:1min/2021

A Fog

15. Dezember 2021 -

Ein Nebel legt sich über die schwindene Kleinstadt Gray.
Filmemacher/in: Clemens Helmchen
Dauer/Jahr: 07:07min/2018


15. Dezember 2021 -

Emma desperately wants to make a good impression, but an important day forces her to confront what is controllable and what is not.
Filmemacher/in: Wellington Almeida
Dauer/Jahr: 11:1min/2020