The work is based on the wonder towards the physicality and the state of sleeping and dreaming. With an initiating form in contemporary dance performance (4-min-solo dance presented in 2018, emphasising on precision in movement and on body awareness involving practical experience- engaging the aspects of the phase of REM sleep, such as the condition of changing rhythm of breathing/heartbeat, the heaviness of body felt due to the immobilised muscle- and different dimensions of lying-down.) , the work has obtained the chance under the support of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, to be developed into an experimental dance film.

Seeking a way to dismantle “dreaming” – this work includes an illogic continuity in a narrative and questions how the organism embodies sensation/emotion in accordance with instinct and how the individual might be able to extract previous experience concretely, and transfer it into a new reality through visiting the states that one's own body could offer.
Filmemacher/in: Yen Lee
Dauer/Jahr: 14:05min/2021